Vegan and vegetarian

What is Indigo Indian Takeaway?

Indigo Indian Takeaway is one of the best takeaways for Indian foods. Indigo has been here in Cardiff for many years now. People love food from Indigo Indian takeaway. The quality of food is incomparable. Indigo serves many dishes including both veg and non-veg options. They also do Vegan foods. Indigo has a variety of options that you can choose from. When it comes to Vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes, Indigo should come to your mind. Indigo has the healthiest option and the best part is they are all delicious.

We know how much you love vegetarian foods. There are many places to eat vegetarian food in Cardiff. So, Indigo has created this amazing vegetarian menu just for you! Just try any of our delicious meals from Indigos vegetarian menu, you’ll love it. It’s so flavourful and rich; we guarantee you that our food will definitely make you crave for them more. Vegetarian foods might be underrated, but Indigo knows how to change that. Indigo has varieties of vegan and vegetarian options that’ll make you crave them more.

What Vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes is Indigo offering?

Indigo Indian Takeaway is one of the best takeaways, for people who have a love for vegetarian dishes. Indigos vegetarian menu is just perfect for your vegetarian main meals. Using fresh and handpicked vegetables and the best vegetarian recipes, Indigo makes your favorite saag aloo, Bombay aloo, aloo gobi, mushroom bhaji, bindi bhaji, brinjal bhaji, chana bhaji, Tarka daal, saag bhaji, sabji bhaji, and aloo chana. You can eat all these dishes each for a reasonable price range from £2.95 to £3.50. So next time you are searching for a vegan Indian takeaway near me or good Indian takeaway dishes think about Indigo, which is the best Indian takeaway in Cardiff.

Vegetarians love this amazing ingredient named Paneer. Paneer brings out a delicious flavor in every item. There are so many yummy paneer dishes that you would always ask for more every day. The softness of the paneer with the curry just melts into your mouth. Indigo serves a variety of paneer dishes. There are so many paneer dishes out there that you’ll never run out of options. Paneer tikka masala is another dish that’s just so yum! You don’t have to worry much about calories while eating paneer because it has very less calories comparatively. Indigo only serves healthy food. Though the calories depend mostly on the dishes you are eating the paneer dish with, but overall you can eat the paneer dish without having to worry about calories.

So, next time if anyone asks why they should try vegetarian or vegan options, just tell them that these dishes are packed with a bunch of amazing flavors. Try the paneer dishes from Indigo Indian Takeaway. They can order online from her Indigo Indian Takeaway.

We understand how it’s frustrating when you don’t find any good enough restaurant or takeaway suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Even when you lookup for a vegan Indian takeaway near me, you end up finding something that’s definitely not up to your expectations. There are many good restaurants available but sometimes their menu has very few options for vegans and vegetarians. Indigo Takeaway is one of the very few takeaways serving delicious, healthy, and lots of different vegan and vegetarian options for you. The Vegan foods list might be long but Indigo does have great vegan takeaway options. Indigo also serves healthy vegetarian food. Indigos chefs can also prepare the healthiest Indian food with popular demands!

Indigos best deal for Vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes:

Indigo has the best deals when it comes to anything! That’s why Indigo has the perfect set menu deal for Vegetarians and Vegans. This set meal is available for 2 or 4!

∙ 2x Starters (Mixed vegetable)
∙ 2x Main Dishes (Vegetable Balti, Sag Aloo Bhuna)
∙ 1x Plain Rice or Vegetable Rice
∙ 1x Naan Bread
∙ 1x Any Side Dish
∙ 2x Papadom with Chutneys

Indigos menu for Vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes:

Indigos amazing vegan foods available such as Vegetable Massala( Made with fresh Vegetables cooked in Indigos special masala sauce), Vegetable platter(Consist of a selection of Vegetable samosa, onion Bhaji, Aloo Chat with fresh salad and sauce), Vegetable Biryani, Mushroom/Chana, Jalfrezi, etc.

Indigos best Vegetarian foods are, Paneer Massala(Cottage cheese cooked with masala sauce), Dhingri Massala( Mushrooms cooked in a sweet, tangy yogurt and fresh cream sauce), Pakora Masala (Hot spicy potatoes and gram flour savories in thick spicy sauce), Channa Dhansak (Hot, sweet and sour chick pegs with spicy lentil sauce Okra and mixed with bhuna sauce), Katchuri Dhansak (Hot, sweet & sour lentil balls in a crisp pastry with spicy lentil sauce), Korma Aloo Kofta (Spicy deep-fried potato in a delicious mild creamy sauce), Bengal Balti Vegetable Special (Exotic vegetables served in rich spicy sauce), etc. To enjoy all these delicious dishes, you have a choice from various bread, choose from plain naan, keema naan, garlic naan, Peshwari naan, and so much more.

If you have a love for rice then try our selection of the perfect partner to a real Indian meal with plain pilau, mushroom fried, special fried, garlic fried, egg fried, lemon fried, or our vegetable fried rice each for a low and reasonable price from £2.10 to £2.85, isn’t that awesome?

Try Vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes from Indigo:

With Indigo by your side, you don’t need to cook any food for your next party or events, you can just trust our service, choose any items from our vegetarian menu, and order from Indigo takeaway Cardiff. Just relax and enjoy your party with your friends and family. We use special vegetarian recipes to cook you the best vegetarian food.

We have all the items for you for vegan and vegetarian options to start your party. You won’t be disappointed by our service. Just order from Indigo today and experience an amazing food journey. Indigo is trying to make vegan and vegetarian foods to the next level. So, if you’re craving more amazing, delicious, and healthy Indian Vegan and Vegetarian foods, order today from Indigo Indian takeaway.