FAQ Indigo Indian Cardiff

Frequently Asked Questions about Indigo Indian Takeaway

How does Indigo choose its supplier?

There is no compromise to get the best food from the best supplier in Cardiff. We are very conscious are about quality.

Is Indigo suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

Yes, we serve fresh vegetarian dishes. Please check out our menu. For vegans please instruct our chef

Will Indigo have nuts-free dishes?

Yes, please put a note if you don’t want nuts.

Does Indigo take only cash or any card they take?

Yes, we accept cash but over the phone, you can pay. it is very easy if you order online and can pay using any card.

Is Indian takeaway dairy-free?

Yes, most of the Indian dishes are dairy-free. Please check the menu descriptions before placing your order.

Can Indian takeaway be reheated?

There is no harm to reheat the takeaway food but not too many times

Is Indian takeaway vegan?

Yes, At Indigo we provide Vegan food according to the vegan requirements. Please read our blog…

Can Indian takeaway be healthy?

Of course, Indian takeaway food is healthy. please read our blog…

Can you reheat Indian takeaway rice?

Of course, you can reheat the rice but not overheat it. We use one or two minutes to reheat the rice.

Can you eat Indian takeaway when pregnant?

Most of the ingredients that are in the food are good for Pregnant women. Why not ask our chef what you would like to have.

Can diabetics eat Indian takeaway?

Indian food has carbohydrates like other food. I am a diabetic but can’t live without my rice and curry.

Is Indian takeaway gluten-free?

Not all Indian dishes are gluten-free please see the menus description before ordering.
Same as other food. I am a diabetic but can’t live without my rice and curry.

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