Indigo Indian Cardiff Takeaway Menu

Explore the flavorful delights of Indigo Indian Cardiff’s Takeaway Menu, a culinary journey in every bite.

Paneer Jalfrezi

A fairly hot and spicy dish cooked in a

Paneer Saag

Cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach in

Paneer Chilli Masala

Cottage cheese cooked with fresh green

Paneer Mattar

Cottage cheese cooked with peas in delicate

Tandoori Mix Grill & Naan

Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka,

Lamb Tikka

Tender pieces of Lamb marinated in yoghurt,

Tandoori Chicken Shashlik

Mildly spiced Chicken cooked with green

Tandoori Lamb Shashlik

Mildly spiced Lamb cooked with green pepper,

Tandoori King Prawn

Succulent King Prawns marinated in yoghurt,

Plain Papadom

Indulge in the crispy delight of Plain

Spicy Papadom

Experience a burst of spice with Spicy

Prawn Jalfrezi

Savour the spicy kick and succulent prawns in

Mint Sauce

Enhance your flavours with Mint Sauce at

Fresh Salad

Crunch into freshness with the Fresh Salad at

Onion Raitha

Savour the refreshing taste of Onion Raitha

Mango Chutney

Enhance your meal with the sweet and zesty

Onion Salad

Enjoy the crisp and tangy Onion Salad at

Lime Pickle

Zest up your meal with the tangy goodness of

Cucumber Raitha

Cool off your taste buds with Cucumber Raitha

Tomato Raitha

Relish the creamy and tangy Tomato Raitha at

Spicy Onion

Savour the zing of Spicy Onion at Indigo

Coconut chutney

Enhance your meal with the creamy Coconut

Honey Tikka Chicken

Indulge in the tempting flavours of Honey

Onion Bhaji

Enjoy the crispy goodness of Onion Bhaji at

Prawn Cocktail

Savour the ocean-fresh delight of a Prawn

Garlic Kebab E Nan

Savour the enticing flavours of Garlic Kebab

Prawn Puri

Experience the taste of the ocean with Prawn

Chicken Chat

Enjoy the vibrant flavours of Chicken Chat at

King Prawn Butterfly

Delight in the succulent flavours of King

Honey Salmon Tikka

Satisfy your taste buds with the sweetness of

Shami Kebab

Delight in the savoury taste of Shami Kebab

Chicken Pakora

Crunch into the flavorful delight of Chicken

Tandoori Chicken Starter

Begin your Indian feast with the

Chicken Tikka Starter

Indulge in the tantalizing Chicken Tikka

Lamb Tikka Starter

Begin your feast with the tasty Lamb Tikka

Mix Starter

Dive into a medley of flavours with the Mix

Vegetable Samosa

Experience the perfect blend of spiced

Meat Samosa

Indulge in the savoury delight of spiced meat

Indigo Special Grill

Share a feast with Indigo Special Grill for 2

Mixed Kebab

Delight in a variety of grilled flavours with

Aloo Chat

Aloo Chat


Experience the tangy and spicy flavours of

King Prawn Puri

Indulge in the luxurious flavours of King

Indigo Special Platter

Experience a feast with the Indigo Special

Chicken Samosa

Enjoy the delightful blend of spiced chicken

Honey Tikka Paneer

Savour the sweet and spicy flavours of Honey

Tandoori King Prawn Starter

Begin your feast with succulent Tandoori King

Chana Chaat

Delight in the zesty flavours of Chana Chaat

Paneer Tikka

Indulge in the rich flavours of Paneer Tikka

Sheek Kebab

Enjoy the spiced and succulent taste of Seekh

Vegetable Platter

Savour a diverse array of flavours with the

Mango Chicken

Indulge in the sweet and tangy Mango Chicken

Chicken Korma

Delight in the creamy and mild flavours of

Lamb Korma

Savour the mild and tender Lamb Korma at

Prawn Korma

Delight in the delicate flavours of Prawn

King Prawn Korma

Indulge in the luxurious flavours of King

Mix Vegetable Korma

Delight in the creamy goodness of Mix

Chicken Bhuna

Savour the robust flavours of Chicken Bhuna

Lamb Bhuna

Enjoy the rich and spicy taste of Lamb Bhuna

Prawn Bhuna

Indulge in the spiced perfection of Prawn

King Prawn Bhuna

Savour the succulent taste of King Prawn

Mix Vegetable Bhuna

Delight in the flavorful medley of veggies

Indigo Spice Khazana

Discover a world of flavours with Indigo

Bullet Chicken

Spice up your meal with the intense flavours

Butter Chicken

Savour the creamy and flavorful Butter

Chicken Pasanda

Delight in the creamy and aromatic Chicken

Lamb Pasanda

Experience the tender and flavorful Lamb

Chicken Shahi Kurma

Savour the royal flavours of Chicken Shahi

Lamb Shahi Kurma

Indulge in the opulent taste of Lamb Shahi

Chicken Shahi Makhani

Delight in the rich and velvety flavours of

Lamb Shahi Makhani

Indulge in the sumptuous taste of Lamb Shahi

Chicken Jalfrezi

Savour the spicy and vibrant flavours of

Lamb Jalfrezi

Delight in the bold and spicy flavours of

Chicken Tikka Bhuna Special

Enjoy a special culinary experience with the

Lamb Tikka Bhuna Special

Indulge in the special blend of spices with

Chicken Rezala

Savour the unique and flavorful Chicken

Lamb Rezala

Experience the distinctive taste of Lamb

Chicken Garlic Chilli Masala

Enjoy the bold flavours of Chicken Garlic

Garlic Chicken Chili

Savour the fiery zest of Garlic Chicken Chili

Tandoori Chicken Naga

Experience the fiery kick of Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Citrus Bhuna

Enjoy the zesty twist of Chicken Citrus Bhuna

Lamb Citrus Bhuna

Enjoy the citrusy zest of Lamb Citrus Bhuna

Murghi Masala

Savour the aromatic flavours of Murghi Masala

Mumbai Spicy Duck

Spice up your meal with Mumbai Spicy Duck at

Chicken Kalia

Experience the rich flavours of Chicken Kalia

Lamb Kalia

Indulge in the spiced perfection of Lamb

Chicken Captain Pathila

Set sail on a flavorful journey with Chicken

Lamb Captain Pathila

Embark on a delicious adventure with Lamb

Chicken Curry

Relish the savoury spices of Chicken Curry at

Lamb Curry

Savour the tender and aromatic Lamb Curry at

Prawn Curry

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Prawn

King Prawn Curry

Savour the royal flavours of King Prawn Curry

Mix Vegetable Curry

Delight in the aromatic flavours of

Chicken Dupiaza

Savour the savoury and aromatic Chicken

Lamb Dupiaza

Indulge in the tender and flavorful Lamb