Best Indian Takeaway near me Cardiff

Indigo is the best Indian takeaway in Cardiff. We serve all kinds of Indian paneer dishes for paneer lovers like you

Paneer Lovers like you

Are you a Paneer lover? Then you’re at the right place. Indigo Indian Takeaway has varieties of Paneer dishes, such as Paneer Saag, Paneer Jalfrezi, Paneer Chilli Masala, Paneer Matar, and Paneer Chana. It’s basically heaven for Paneer lovers. Why eat plain paneer when you can have flavourful Paneer dishes at Indigo, featured in the Takeout Menu. Also, You can show your friends how vegan is not boring here at Indigo, which is the best Indian takeaway in Cardiff. All of these paneer dishes are handmade by our skilled and professional chefs who have years of experience. If you haven’t tried it once, you should give it a go. Best part is you can order Indian food online and enjoy the food with your friends and family at home.

Indigo Indian Takeaway uses fresh Paneer to give you that authentic paneer flavour. The moment you take a bite of the food, the paneer will melt into your mouth, and the flavour will burst into your mouth. Feel the taste of deliciousness with Indigo, which is the Yummy Indigo Indian Cardiff.

Best Indian Takeaway near me
Paneer Lovers
best Indian takeaway in Cardiff.

Why paneer is so popular?

Paneer is one of the authentic and popular cheeses in India. There are lots of paneer dishes that are a regular home menu in Indian culture. Indigo Indian takeaway Cardiff chef is specially trained to cook varieties of paneer dishes. You are welcome to try our paneer dishes, Paneer Tikka Masala is one of the most popular dishes at Indigo. we also have vegan paneer dishes available upon request. Indigo is one of the top-rated ‘Best Indian Takeaway near me. Why not Order Food online try our Indigo website in Cardiff. Enjoy the Health Benefits Of Paneer Tikka Masala and explore Indian near Pentwyn Cardiff while indulging in our delightful Paneer dishes from the Meal delivery service.

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