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The top best Indian takeaway Indigo has varieties vegan options trusted foods delivery service

Tempting Delights on the Indigo Menu

Indigo’s menu has a depth of flavour to capture the true gems of Bangladeshi street food and Indian cuisines with plant based vegan friendly Indian takeaway. We have a wide range of vegan options, we serve proper vegan cheese in our curries such as paneer masala, and motor paneer. Indian takeaways menu offers a range of delicious dishes with vegan food near me, order vegetarian dishes for the best Indian food delivery service, tracing back to Indigo History.

Discover the Best Vegan Food Near you: A Plant-Based Delight!

If you’re looking for Indian food near me, try Indigo Indian takeaway for your kid’s small plates available. We are the best among the other vegetarian takeaways. We are committed to delivering your best Indian food delivered to your door. We do not provide junk food for healthy food and drink orders online. If you have any queries about gluten-free dishes please call us before you order.

kufta and somosa-indigo-indian-takeaway-cardiff

Kufta and Chicken Samosa

Mouth watering kufta and light pastry filled with traditional mildly spiced chicken

Indigos Fish Menu

Chicken pathia

Hot, sweet and sour taste with fresh garlic, onion, tomatoes and lemon

indigo-chickens korma - Indian takeaway Cardiff

Chicken Citrus Bhuna

Rinated with native bengal citrus fruit, crushed garlic, ginger and prepared to a medium spicy recipe

Fish masala and bhuna

Fish masla and bhuna

Delicious Fish Masala cooked in a mild spicy creamy sauce and Indian spices, this dish is same taste as the Chicken tikka masala which is the true british national dish. Fish Bhuna cooked in dry thick sauce with tomatoes and spices.

Mutton Chop

Mutton Chop

Tender Pieces Of Marinated Meat Grilled On Charcoal. Its lovely to eat with Naan bread and Basmati rice. If anyone like to have this dish we need pre-order before 24 hours. It is like home cook style occasional Indian dish.

indigo-chicken madraj-Indian take away menu

Chicken Madras

A fairly hot dish which gets its rich exotic flavour from the abundant use of aromatic spices. After few pint Chicken madras and basmati rice are most favourite  for our local Pub leaver later of the night. Its their everyday’s  indian meal.

Indigo special dishes!

Indigo: Go-To for Main Course Enjoys and Vegan Cuisine Near You!

Indigo is a wonderful Indian takeaway. Order Indian for vegetarian takeaways; meat-free dishes are available here at Indigo. It uses fresh herbs and spices to bring out the unique taste and flavors. Each and every dish is prepared freshly as the order is placed, using invigorating meat, succulent chicken pieces, and vibrant vegetables, we also include plant-based vegan options. Every dish is cooked to a high standard, creating the utmost aromatic dishes of Indian food. We offer vegan food near me at our Indigo Indian Takeaway in Cardiff.

Chicken Tikka masalaChicken tikka and sis kebab with naan-Chicken Biriany-indigo-indian-takeaway-cardiff

Chicken Tikka Masala

Delicious tikka pieces cooked in a mild spicy creamy sauce, the famous tikka masala dish has become a true british national dish

chicken rogon joshLam Achari-indigo-indian-takeaway-cardiff

Chicken rogon josh

An aromatic classic curry cooked in a thick sauce and then layered with a rich spicy tomato sauce


Fish Bhuna

A speciality fish from Bangladesh served in a rich spicy massala sauce

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani

Mixture Of Tasty Vegetables Pan Fried With Basmati Rice And Subtle Spices, Served With A Mild-Medium Rich Curry Sauce

indigo chicken rezala-indian takeaway cardiff

Chicken rezala

Tikka pieces cooked in a hot and slightly tangy sauce with fresh green chillies, peppers, onions and tomatoes, finished in a fairly dry sauce

Fish Massala

Fish Massala

A speciality fish from Bangladesh served in a rich spicy massala sauce

Love Indian food Indigo is the place to order your food!vegan food near me

Indulge Delicious Meatless Dishes Near You! with Indigo’s Exclusive Menu

Why cook when you can order online with Indian takeaway food delivery Cardiff at Indigo’s Indian takeaway is at your fingertips. We include vegetarian dishes with a handful of ingredients to prepare the very best recipes to blow your mind away. You can just sit back and enjoy the delicious, extra goodness and healthy bites with a soft and fresh oven-baked in the tandoor or with a crispy, mouth-watering paratha.

Lamb pasanda-indigo indian takeaway cardiff

Shahi Makhani

Chicken or lamb, mild and spicy thickened with ground almonds and butter, enriched with almond flakes and sultanas & coriander.

chicken kurma-indigo indian takeaway cardiff

Lamb OR Chicken Pasanda

Chicken or lamb mild and spicy thickened with butter, fried onion flaked, sultanas and coriander.

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Murgi Masala

A traditional dish cooked with minced lamb and grilled tandoori chicken in a spicy thick curry sauce.

Citrus Bhuna

Citrus Bhuna

Marinated with native Bengali citrus fruit, crushed garlic, ginger & prepared to a medium spicy recipe. Vegan food near me is now just on a click

peper chicken-indigo indian takeaway cardiff

Indigo Spice Khajana

Chef cooks this unique chicken dish, using only the finest fresh ingredients including our special blend of nine spices to give you a balance of spice, zest & sweetness.

indigo-chicken sisla-indian takeaway cardiff

Indigo Tandoori Platter

A selection of our smoked traditional tandoor cooked meats drizzled with lemon juice and finished with coriander.

Vegetarian Cuisine with Exclusive Indian Food Near You at Indigo Cardiff

Indigo’s Signature Dishes: Unparalleled Indian Cuisine Near You!

Indigo, your go-to Indian takeaway in Cardiff, not only offers a diverse and delicious menu but also encourages you to explore the world of vegan and vegetarian options. With the growing awareness of the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diets, it’s worth considering why you should try vegan and vegetarian Indian takeaway dishes. Our menu boasts a range of traditional curries, special masalas, biryanis, and much more, all crafted with the finest ingredients.

Ordering online with Uber Eats ensures that these delectable dishes are delivered right to your doorstep, making the experience both convenient and enjoyable. Choosing vegan and vegetarian options not only aligns with a sustainable lifestyle but also allows you to discover exclusive dishes at Indigo that are both unique and flavourful. So, the next time you’re craving Indian food near you in Cardiff, think about embracing the delicious world of vegan and vegetarian choices offered by Indigo.

paneer makhani.

Paneer Mattar

Cottage cheese cooked with peas in delicate spices.

Lamb Rezala-indigo indian takeaway cardiff

Methi Gosht

Cooked to a distinctive flavour with the use of fenugreek (Methi) leaves.

spicy vegetable

Honey Tikka Chicken or Paneer

Tender chicken or paneer pieces in freshly ground spices and honey.

Exclusive Biriany-indian takeaway cardiff

Lamb Achari

Cooked with mixed pickles & fresh spices, tangy. Its very testy when we eat with tandoori roti and Pilau rice.

indigo-chicken-masala-best indian takeaway cardiff


Makhani sauce is made from butter, tomatoes, almonds and various spices cooked in a rich lightly spiced sauce containing fresh cream.

rice and curry-indian takeaway cardiff

Mali Bahar

Stripped pieces of marinated chicken, cooked in light spices and fresh cream, topped with melted cheese.